Friday, 26 July 2013

How To Open Blocked Sites

How To Open Blocked Sites 
Use Unblock Facebook, Myspace, Youtube - -! 
 Type your destination url and click the Visit button. Uncheck the 'allow cookies' checkbox if you don't want to leave your personal information. Url encode option allows you to hide the urls you're visiting. Some sites use scripts to track your personal information. You could remove them too. Enjoy your online browsing to many social networking websites.

Way of work of the unblock proxy facebook
The proxy unblocker is a server that gets information from a selected source (website), process it, and then send it back to the user without exposing his own IP address.
The server operates with web proxy script that allowes it to unblock all kind of websites - from video sites (youtube browsing) to social networks (Facebook unblock, myspace unblock, bebo is also free to browse). The proxy server could stream videos and music without any problem. Browsing websites with multimedia content (flash) and games is also possible.
Other matter of using a proxy server is the security. User's IP address is no longer exposed and is now protedted from theft. Using a proxy means protection.
How To Open Blocked Sites
 Protecting your IP address is like protecting your personal information (like your phone number and your street address) It's very important especially when you use internet banking where a lot of people could try to "sniff" your identity and use it as a fraud.
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